The Gypsy Market Royale will be celebrating it's 2 Year Anniversary this April !

The Kansas City Gypsy Market Royale is a collective of local artists and crafters offering handmade and vintage collections of gypsy-tastic creations. We welcome guests, vendors, and performers to each event, and we are always looking for new talented gypsies. Please check back to this page for updates on each upcoming market.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gypsy Market Royale's 2 Year Anniversary, weekend of Back2Back Markets!!!

I cannot believe that it has already been 2 years!!! WOW, Time flies when you are a gypsy :) I am so proud of our little homegrown market, 2 years ago we started out in the parking lot of the Genessee Royale Bistro with 3 vendors and now we have over 70 local and talented Gypsies participating in our marketplace. The community of makers in KC is really growing, becoming recognized, and truly supported in our great city. It's a powerful and inspiring time, Let's keep the momentum going!!!

First Friday April 4th 5-9pm @ The Bauer Event Space 118 W 18th St KCMO
Saturday April 5th 11-4pm @ The Genessee Royale Bistro 1531 Genessee St KCMO 64102

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer Time and the Livin' is Easy

This Summer was an absolute blast at the Gypsy Market Royale!! 
And we are Looking forward to an equally as exciting Fall! 
We are always looking for new Gypsies so if you are interested or know anyone who might be interested , please don't hesitate to contact us.
Our next market will be held on Saturday Oct 5th, 2013 in the WestBottoms 
@1531 Genessee St KCMO 64114.
Here are some pictures that captured the fun of the Summer at the Gypsy Market!


Excess Design

Textile Couture



Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gypsy Market and Music Fest 6.1.13

Jessica and I are thrilled to announce our very first ever Gypsy Market and Music Fest, officially combining both of our passions, art and music!!!  We have 39+ vendors, 2 bands and a dj for your shopping and listening pleasures.  This market is brought to you by many amazing parties and we want to honor them all!


CartWheel and Scarlett Garnet
  Jessica Rogers

Garnet Griebel

Help us help YOU!  Buy a Gypsy T-Shirt to help Jessica and I support our efforts to bring you the Gypsy Market.  She and I work diligently in order to create a selling place for this city's talented home grown entrepreneurs.  By purchasing a Gypsy Market Royale T-Shirt, you are helping us help ourselves :)  They are $20 for non-vendors, $15 for vendors and they will be available for sale at CartWheel.


Matt Eyman, the local KC Yelp rep, has been a Gypsy Market supporter for several markets now.  He is going to set up a Yelp Lounge with couches and chairs and hand out Yelp Schwag and bottled water for our guests and gypsies.  Keep an eye out for Yelp's On The Radar listing of cool events in the city - of course, for this week including our market.

The Pitch
The Pitch and The Gypsy Market Unite!  The Pitch has signed on as an official sponsor and we are thrilled!  Look for ads in print and online of our market from here on out.  They have listed our market in their Calendar of Events.

Midwestern Musical Company

Thanks to all our friends at Midwestern Musical Co. for sponsoring the Gypsy Market!  They're providing the sound system for the day and we know it's going to be amazing.  We apologize for the MFM logo on the print materials (even though we love MFM), what we meant was Midwestern Musical Co.  It's been a long month full of traveling for both of us.  We heart you, Midwestern Music!!

Genessee Royale Bistro

Amigoni Urban Winery


Amigoni Urban Winery and Genesee Royale Bistro have both been sponsors since the beginning.  The market moves back and forth depending on the weather.  This market, we'll have 8 vendors indoors and 29 vendors outside in the parking lot between, at 15th and Genessee Street, KCMO 64102 (south West Bottoms near Kemper Arena).  Both businesses will be providing drink specials in addition to their already amazing menu items.  Parking will be available in the Livestock Exchange lot as well as by the Kemper, on the street, etc.  The market runs from noon until 6pm on June 1st.


*flyer art courtesy of Megan Zander

DJ Miscela

Dj Miscela will be bringing the funk to the gypsy market, spinning Afro Cuban, dance and world beats sure to take you on a spiritual adventure around the globe.  Matt is also the drummer for local band, Molly Picture Club and he will be keeping everyone in the mood to shop.

Dream Wolf 

Members: Megan Zander, Chris Tady, Tess Jehle, Katelyn Boone, Brent Jamison
CDs and merch will be available for sale!


Members: Andrew Ashby, Jake Cardwell, David Gaume, Elizabeth Bohannon
 CDs and merch will be available for sale!


For Strange Women
Jill McKeever makes strange perfume for strange women.  She makes 100% artisan perfume and other concoctions infused with pure botanical essences.  Every collection is handmade from scratch in her KC studio.  This market she will also be selling a variety of her hand made goods, including accessories made with leather and gemstones.  You will not find these items in her online store so make sure to stop by her booth!

 Glazed Earth

Judy Boyer Finnegan creates vases, teapots, wish vessels and tea bag holders (see image above) out of  earthenware clay or red earthenware clay.  She makes her own stamps and also uses found objects to add texture and decorate the pottery.  All glazes are food safe. Every piece is unique and a one of kind!


Awava is a fair trade, social enterprise working with women artisans in post-conflict Uganda. They offer a wide range of products including apparel, jewelry and housewares using textiles sourced in Uganda, basket weaving from natural materials, and upcycled materials.

Tara Tonsor makes laser cut wood design pieces mixed with vintage findings to create unique assembled jewelry and illustration prints (mixed-media watercolor and pen).  The jewelry materials include: wood, metals, vintage glass, vintage metal stampings, vintage cabochons, felt, lace, leather, stones, crystals & bones.

 Penny Valladares makes potions, earrings, pendants, goddess figures, massage oils, cupcakes, painted boxes & art cards.

Kate Mary Van Dieren makes vintage-style, handmade jewelry, stationary, Lil Critter onesies and baby bibs, nature photography lithographed on wood. She also makes beautiful, vintage-style, one-of-a-kind feathered hair pieces & bow ties.

 Vaska Basham produces handmade glass beads, including themes such as skulls and horses. Most of her artwork is loose beads, just waiting to inspire your next project.  She also has a small line of completed work, perfect for those extra special gifts. Several completed pieces were featured at the tea house in Westport, during a steampunk exhibit.

 Melissa Dehner creates archival prints of illustrations and artwork; printed note cards of illustrations and artwork; acrylic paintings on scrap wood (some with mixed media also).



 Jessica Rogers is one of the two original gypsies who started the Gypsy Market Royale.  She opened up for business inside her baby blue short bus, a car/store/gallery/studio space all in one.   
Shop CartWheel to find unique vintage clothing, accessories, and well-made, classic home goods.  Jessica creates many of her store's items but also sells a collection of other KC crafters' items.  She also rents out CartWheel for events so make sure to contact her at  

Garnet Griebel is the other original gypsy.  She has been making and selling jewelry in Kansas City since 1999 but started Scarlett Garnet with her business partner Katie Miller in 2006.  The two designers have lived in different cities the entire time they've been in business, both designing and lending their personal styles to one brand.  Katie runs their brick and mortar location in St. Louis while Garnet is in charge of production and product development here in KC.  All their designs are hand-drawn by Garnet and cut in KC, where she and a small team of assistants compose the pieces into their final form of unique, art nouveau inspired creations made of copper, brass, birch wood, and stainless steel.  The Gypsy Market is the #1 place in KC to get their hot off the press items that you cannot buy online.  This market, Garnet will have necklaces made with miniature bottles full of gemstones, necklaces with Palo Santo, wild flower resin rings and a collection of coin jewelry.

Christina Eldridge and Dawn Taylor founded Red Dirt and opened shop this May.  It was their time in the red dirt of Africa that inspired them to create Red Dirt, built to propel solutions to our most pressing challenges by creating a community that wants to do good, together.  They have created these cell phone cases from recycled materials using original artists' imagery for the Samsung Galaxy S III, iPhone 4, 4S and 5.  Local artists include Brady Vest, D. Ross Scribe, Mike Savage, Lisa Lala, Tammy Smith and fellow Gypsy Vendors, Garnet Griebel and Melissa Dehner!  A portion of every transaction directly supports Their products feature original art that will spark conversation about what’s important to you. As they've learned in their travels, art not only brings beauty into the world, it’s also the ubiquitous language of human expression. Enjoy those interactions.

Oracle Massage and Wellness

Matt Shipley, Bobby Clark and Jim Gold will be providing chair massage for a $0.50 per minute.  Oracle is new to the KC area and is offering a $25 per hour Service Industry Discount.  Enjoy a light massage at the market and make sure to book with them at the show!

Paul Mallory throws and sculpts his own ceramic dishes and cat related clay objects.  He has a studio at the Hobb's Building and has been teaching ceramics for years.

Gwen Renee's work consist of an eclectic mingling of copper, sterling silver and natural tones. In addition, she re-purposes wine bottles to create cool, funky incense burners. She will also have a collection of vintage purses for sale.

Peas on Earth

A busy body crafter, gardener, and art lover, Natasha Karsk's handmade goods range from practical home goods such as crocheted and knitted washcloths and soap pouches and home-grown salad greens to dainty hand-folded origami earrings and necklaces.

Kate E Burke

Kate E. Burke is a textile and accessories designer working with natural elements. She hand prints textiles out of her pattern repeats and creates well crafted usable items.  She is also the owner of HoneyTree Gallery in the Crossroads where she lives/works and supports other local artists every First Friday.

Nancy's Nits

Nancy Burke hand knits ruffle scarves, baby booties, baby wear and other accessories.  You can often find her work at her daughter's gallery in the Crossroads on First Fridays, Honey Tree. 

ONLY food

Johnathon Bish makes homemade natural and organic dog treats.  After he started eating better, more holistic food made with more protein, fruits and veggies, and whole grain, he realized that his dogs should also be able to eat this way.  After some trial and error, he perfected some recipes and started ONLY Food, Organic Natural Local Yummy baking for a different species.  Come treat your pooches to some treats that are actually good for them in flavors like Gingerbread Bacon, Chicken Apple Cinnamon and Peanut Butter Banana Rosemary. 

Cresent Night Design

Laurel Ryan works with Japanese art paper, (chiyogami, yuzen) or other pretty paper and frame pieces inside 2 watch crystals, mostly antique/vintage from old watch repair shops that have closed. She encases them with artfully applied solder with a 3-4% silver content (to make it shiny) and of course absolutely no lead.  She makes, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.  She also works with beads, both those she purchases and those she makes herself, often with those same chiyogami papers. She also combines the two things above by making small bead sculptures and encasing them in glass so that they seem to float inside their silver frames.

Stuffed Owls

Jacob Deleon makes handmade stuffed owls. Every single one is unique and different.  This owl seems to be sitting on top of KC itself - stinking CUTE!

Luna Nueva Herbals

Sarah Gamez makes a variety of herbal products.  She grows her medicinal herbs organically in her yard and uses them to make teas, salves, tinctures, vinegars, etc. She also makes a variety of fermented products - cultured vegetables, kefir, and kombucha. Super healing and delicious stuff!

Marysa Sacerdote Jewelry

"Designing with organic forms, my pieces are often centered around natural gemstones. My captivation with gemstones and the spiritual properties associated with them has inspired me to protect and present them in my works; enhancing and responding to their natural beauty. My jewelry acts as a carrier for the healing energies of the gemstones. By creating jeweled environments for gemstones, the wearer and those who they come in contact with, are exposed to their mysticism."
-Marysa Sacerdote

Almond Eye Creations

Allysha Woodson is a wire-maniac who dabbles here and there with some home decor ceramics, recycling work and reverse tie-dye. Each creation is promised a genuine touch; no two pieces will ever mend the same way!

Excess Design

Troy Richardson personally cuts all his natural stones by hand!  He then creates beautiful jewelry out of them.  Each piece of jewelry produced takes around 10-12 man hours.  He lovingly puts all he has into each beautiful piece, imbuing them with great power.

Textile Couture

 Emily Hamblin's art is both quirky and upscale. She creates functional pieces ranging from t-shirts to jewelry to handbags and other one-of-kind accessories. She use vintage notions, upscale upholstery remnants, and fabrics purchased locally.

Green Faery

Sisters Dinie and Erin team up to create Green Faery clothing and accessories made from upcycled materials.  They were a huge hit at our last Gypy Market and we are happy to have them back.  This is a sneak peek of their spring collection.

Organizing Solutions KC

Shawna Caldwell makes all-natural, locally made household cleaning products.  You can even customize them by choosing the essential oils to scent them with.

Cut 'n Sewn

Gypsy Jeanne Hayes makes leather handbags sewn from vintage coats, tote handbags sewn from coffee bags, handbags made from ties, vintage jewelry charms/keychains, handmade natural soaps, and offers collection of vintage purses.  Jeanne will be selling her goodies out of her vintage Volkswagon bus so she will be hard to miss!

Art By Kellie
Kellie Bloxsom makes illustration prints and art blocks featuring animals and figures.  Black cats RULE and this one is just so dang cute!

Basement Soap & Massage Therapy

Gabriella (Gabby) Mendez hand makes soap using all natural ingredients with no added colors or heavy scents.  A Gypsy of all Trades, she also hand makes soldered glass jewelry & is a
licensed massage therapist. She will be offering chair massage for donation at the market.

 5B & Company

We are thrilled to have Lori Woods of 5B & Company at our Gypsy Market.  5B & Company has been making hand poured candles in Kansas City for the past ten years!  Their candles are made with the finest wax available, blended with top quality oils, and poured around a cardboard cored wick. Their candles burn clean and last between 15-18 hours each. Two or three will fill your home with fragrance. Each of their candles are hand poured with love and never smell industrial or look mass produced (because they aren’t).

Owl + Mouse Textiles

KCAI grads Alice Youngblood and Cristin Llewellyn are a small printing company based in the Livestock Exchange Building in KCMO.  They hand-dye, print, and sew one of a kind scarves, accessories, and baby items.

Dumb Kid Designs

Susanne Brink hand makes wallets, passport holder and luggage tags (like this map of Kansas City wallet).  She also makes stationary - invitations, thank you cards, etc. She uses scrapbook and recycled papers.

Ricochet Waves

 Ricochet Waves is a celebration of Wabi-sabi: beauty in the flaw. Habitually raw and askew, always appreciating the worn + withered. Off-kilter, primitive yet modern, eco-friendly, up-cycled and unique. One of a kind wearable art and mixed media paintings / collage.  Jasmine McCaffrey will also have a collection of vintage goods / home decor for this specialized event!

Kelly Waldron does traditional crochet, knitting and embroidery but with a modern twist. Everything is hand made and as green as possible, using recycled materials.

luna&lex is a collection of handmade jewelry, accessories and garments with a side of vintage. both luna and lex happen to be jewelers with a knack for sewing and fashion design. within the collection you will find leg garters- some decorative, others with suspender clips that attach to socks, skirts, and dresses. you will also find customized eyewear, altered leggings, swimwear, and of course handmade jewelry presented by both designers. luna creates one-of-a-kind pieces featuring wire-wrapped pearls and stones. lex creates production pieces incorporating polyurethane casts of crystal growths and fringed suede tassels. both designers are working hard this summer to create a massive collection of unique items for the june gypsy sale! 

Mindy Mathews Nanos designs her own fabrics and has them printed in the US. She makes her own shoes, hair clips, reusable coffee sleeves and other goodies!

Teresa Moore and Lacy Cain have joined forces to make a little bit of everything.  From this license plate journal to jewelry and other accessories, you will have an abundance of things to choose from!

Erin Lipp has often been referred to as a gypsy girl in KC.  She has mad style and a very unique point of view which she expresses through her photography, multimedia artwork and jewelry.  She will share a peek into her world with you at the Gypsy Market.

Thanks for all your support and thanks for being a KC Gypsy!
xoxo -
Garnet and Jessica